This is something we are looking into.

For us to act on it, we need to see the results.

Information made accessible by this technology could reportedly be used to allow fleet managers to implement fleet risk policies and systems that could mean lower insurance costs.

But for this to happen – solid evidence is required.

Like us, many insurers are now researching how telematics can help reduce premiums and reduce their exposure to risk.

According to latest reports, telematics or ‘black box’ technology can result in savings.

The technology basically helps show how safe a driver is.

It identifies aspects of driving such as how fast someone travels, whether they accelerate excessively, when and how they brake, plus how long and how far they drive for.

Watch this space for news on how this research develops.

Meanwhile, we know every fleet is unique and operates within different circumstances, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to fleet insurance.

But whatever your industry, and whether you work in the public or private sector, you rely on the best suppliers to keep your vehicles on the road. Don’t forget how essential the right insurance is.

From sole traders, to large companies, we can ensure your vehicle or fleetinsurance needs are met at excellent prices without compromising on cover or quality. It doesn’t matter whether you are an owner driver or at the helm of a large logistics operation – we guarantee the same outstanding service with all your vehicles insured under one policy..

Commercial vehicle insurance

We appreciate how vital your vehicle is to your business – keeping you on the road and allowing you to serve your customers. Our cover protects you if things don’t go to plan and helps you minimise costly downtime.

Our commercial vehicle insurance is key, with the right cover at the right price.

You can choose from:

Third party

Third party fire and theft

Fully comprehensive

More than one driver?

If several people drive your company vehicle then they all need relevant cover. Talk to us about how we can get you the best deal with the right policy details that don’t skimp on quality and give you a nasty shock should you need to claim.

 As with all our areas of expertise, Falcon offers the following:

  • Unrivalled customer service
  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent product knowledge
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Speedy documentation
  • Option of monthly instalments available